The Major Causes of Global Warming

The major causes of global warming

The major causes of global warming is human consumption of cattle, pigs, chickens, turkeys and sheep - plain and simple - as opposed to organic fruit and vegetable farming which causes no release of deadly gasses, pollution and a waste of natural resources....Organic farming enhances our environment, our health and saves animal's lives.

The meat industry is "one of the most significant contributors to today's most serious environmental problems." Veganism is the single most effective contributors to reducing climate change and the impact of destroying all of our natural resources..

Methane is more destructive to the Earth's climate than Carbon Dioxide or Nitrous Oxide. Methane is put out by billions of cattle, chickens and pigs which would be in much smaller numbers if humans were not raising them for consumption on "factory farms." Even if half the Earth's population began eating Vegan, the global warming threat would disappear. Methane has ten times the negative impact than Carbon Dioxide for the Earth, yet little attention is given to it.

To defeat global warming is completely voluntary as the Govt is moving away from any efforts to control this massive attack on our Earth, In fact in the United States, the Republican party is trying to dissolve the Environmental Protection Agency. Can you imagine dissolving the Environmental Protection Agency that oversees businesses like the oil industry, animal agricultural industry, manufacturing industry. If that were to happen these massive industries would be free of any regulations, laws and ethical responsibilities to control their emissions, in fact they would up the ante and release three and four times what they are doing now in order to increase their profit margin.

The Republican party would like to see the Food and Drug Agency disappear too which regulates the food and drug companies from cheating us and adding or not adding what they say they process their food with. The fox would not only be in control of the chicken coop, they would be in control of your diet too.

I can only compare this insanity to firing all the policemen and firemen in your community and sending out notices to every bad guy in your city that there are no more laws for them to abide by and give them the safe combinations to every bank in town. This is exactly what is happening to our environment and food - no more laws for the bad guys to abide by.

Our environment is not being attacked by the Taliban or Al Qaeda or aliens from planet Zulu, but by your next door neighbor, the mayor of your city, the friendly pharmacist at the mall. Our planet is being attacked by hungry people that can't get enough chicken fried steaks, double bacon cheese burgers, t-bone steaks smothered in Hollandaise sauce and that old family favorite, Grandma's surprise meat loaf.

The next time you hear someone complaining about the environment, ask them if they are Vegan. If they say no, slap them. It is hypocritical for anyone that is a so called "environmentalist" that eats ham and eggs every morning for breakfast. Al Gore held a seminar on Global Warming a year ago. It was a breakfast seminar with leading international advocates for Global Warming. Do you know what was on the buffet menu? There was sausage, bacon, steak patties, make your own egg omelette's, toast with butter, coffee with milk, blah, blah, blah.

These leading international advocates are the problem, their breakfast was the main contributor to the vary issue they were contesting. Many leading environmental advocates condone "humane animal farming." Don't get me started on "humane meat," because it is bull shit, literally. Those cows that people think are treated to Disneyland, television, petted and massaged everyday are treated no different than the other animals. They are bred the same, slaughtered the same, shit the same, fed the same corn, given the same antibiotics and oh yes, eaten the same. The "humane and organic meat" is a marketing scam to convince people that the cows are not mistreated and slaughtered with a smile.

The environment is being destroyed by flesh eaters that are also destroying their own health. The environment is being totally ravished by flesh eating fools that pretend the billions of cows, chickens, pigs, sheep and turkeys are treated with love and compassion. They cut into a chunk of decomposed flesh that is ridden with chemicals, hormones, parasites, disease and a spiritual history of being tortured and brutally slaughtered.

Thank you for listening to my rant about meat eating environmentalist. Nothing makes me more mad. They think by recycling their soda cans and containers from McDonald's they are saving the planet.......How utterly ignorant the other 98% are.


  1. wonderful article.....spread the word "Go veg".........

  2. I have been a vegetarian for 13 years. I do so out of moral compunction first and foremost, but eating healthier doesn't hurt

    We (humans) are commanded by God to be good stewards of our world, and to have dominion over it - dominion does NOT mean reign tyrannically, it means to care for lovingly, protectively.

    We should ALL do more to care for and "tend our gardens" so to speak, as we have for too long used the planet like a giant dump. BUT...anyone who truly believes that it is up to us to save the planet, or that we even can do so, is an egotistical moron!

    The planet has been here longer than us, and will outlast us no matter what we do to it. The only thing we can ultimately do is to make it unlivable for us - that does not equal killing or destroying it, only ourselves!

    You castigate folks for "only" recycling cans etc while they continue to eat meat etc; and yet you have the unmitigated gall, the freaking over-riding hubris, to think that you are oh so superior and can actually SAVE THE PLANET because you want to also stick butt-plugs up cows rectums to stop their emissions from eating up the ozone and so on!

    "Global-Warming is going to destroy the world!!" BS!! You just go on being manipulated and robbed by this jack-ass junk science-fiction theory, and one day, years from now, a beautiful creature of God will happily nibble at a nice green plant that grew up in the spot where your bones broke down and seeded the soil.

    Your arrogance is as equally intolerable as your ignorance.


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