What Would You Fix For Yourself If You Knew Your Next Meal Would Be Your Last?

Ah, that end-of-the-world salad! That killer soup! That to-die-for muffin! Picture me skipping the whole shebang and settling for a big, fat but no-frills peanut butter sandwich instead before vanishing into the ether. So long and thanks for all the yummy bliss.

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Haha I love this question :3 I would have some of the food I had in NYC lately, the vegan options were out of this world. Maybe some raw nachoes, a nice carb heavy pasta with loads of steamed veggies on top or an incredibly large pizza with artichokes, onions, mushrooms, etc,; and for dessert a lucuma cheesecake :3

That is assuming you get three courses. I think I'd deserve it haha.

If you were on death row, Miss Woods, a riot would have ensued because there was nothing left in the prison pantry for all the other inmates. I have this image of you full to bursting, unmindful of the ruckus, burping again and again to drown out the noise. 

LOL, that is an amazing image, HAHAHA! So would xo


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